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Pamper group

Here I am in Pamper group getting my makeup done and I got to pick out my eye shadow out and lipstick colour. Getting my hair done by Jo feels nice getting my hair brushed by my friend.  
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Cooking and reno

Here’s me tearing up ham for our macaroni and cheese.  Here’s me in Reno group sanding back our letters to design for Reno art.   

Grocery & Pamper

Here’s me helping with grocery shop at New World. I love my role of dragging the shopping cart.  Here’s me in pamper group get my facial done with flaxseed.   

Deliveries, New job & shopping

Here’s me on Wheels on Wheels. I helped deliver meals to the elderly.  Here’s me starting my new role at Salvation Army. I helped staff sort through dresses and place them on the rack.  Here’s me getting flaxseed at New World for pamper group to make our facial cleansers.   

Abilities Unleashed and Harvey Norman

I went Abilities Unleashed in Greerton. I played table tennis and met new friends of other centres.  I went Harvey Norman in Bayfair and got a new laptop charger with staff. We looked at all the fancy smart gadgets.   

Dance & Beach

1st week back at work for 2024! Here’s me at Idance. Here’s me at Little Waihi supporting our friend Sage achieving her goal.   

Christmas Party 🎉

We had our end of year Christmas party and it was awesome. We had Dan the puppet man do some entertainment and then a smorgasbord. Highlight was Santa came to visit.